Laurent Schmid – The ventriloquist’s dream

The goal of a ventriloquist is to de-localize his voice, he is altering his voice to make it sound like it’s coming from somewhere else.

I propose to do some common researches on sound and location. 

The Chinese-U.S. geographer – with focus on humanistic geography – Yi-Fu Tuan showed us that environmental perceptions contribute to the formation of values and that they are always linked to the ways we feel and think about space.  According to him, these feelings and thoughts are affected by the sense of time. In Space and Place : The Perspective of Experience, Tuan contends that a space requires a movement from a place to another place. And: “A place requires a space to be a place”. What does this mean in terms of sound and the mental and physical space it occupies? 

Can we say that a place or a specific situation has it’s proper sound? How could a sound be considered as a soundtrack of a location? 

Can an encounter be defined by a specific sound? What could soundtracks of exhibitions could sound like?

The L.Z will be structured as blocks of one or two days – we will go to a specific place or meet personalities and try to catch the corresponding sound. First we will do this for ourselves, but in a second time, radio-broadcasts or sound exhibitions can be envisaged.

The project will fall back on an already existing collectivity, a network of artists and friends (laptopradio) which grew up during the last years, and there are also collaborations planned with other Lab.Zones focussing on similar questions.