Raimundas Malasauskas – Associations

As they operate beyond sequential order, we can start anywhere, and it will always bring us somewhere else, perhaps more relevant or less relevant, sometimes new, sometimes not entirely so, but always investigable. 
They don’t necessary operate through similarity, nor - necessity. Association is free. It may be about Aaliyah, and calligraphy, and psychoanalysis. We can decide where the focus goes: decisiveness is there too. 
We can follow the involuntary drive while voluntarily practicing its  and articulating what carries us from one thing to another, whether it is desire, point of interest, person, books, intensities, atmospheres. It can be a way to investigate your ideas, artistic pursuits, fantasies.
A phenomena of release and analysis at once, association could be a collective practice in its own making. A curated process of self-education, self-experimenting, a group therapy play where bodily practices can associate with speculative ones, and the materiality of the world we are in: classroom, city, economy, art. 
I am interested in long-term projects that start without pre-destination, but follow its determinism, drive, people involved. 
If association becomes an operative model of the seminar, the seminar moves through associating - across practices finding each other, properties multiplying, people talking to each other, world talking to people, us becoming larger constellations. - Because associations are never alone.
What’s your first thought?