Jill Gasparina – Lives and works in

Historically, modernism went hand in hand with a strong centralization of the art world. For a long (modern) time, art has been produced and consumed in the same kind of spaces : capitals and big cities. 

This geographical system related also to an organization of time, as moments out of the cities were only planned exceptions  (residencies, trips, grand tours) or romanticized inversions of the urban utopia, in the form of artistic statements. 

Now that the time has come to “demodernize” the art world (Charles Esche), and that the gold rush towards big capitals seems to have slowed down a little bit, isn’t it also the moment to speculate about new geographies for the art? Are capitals still the artist’s natural homes? What does it mean to live and work in the provinces? in a suburb ? in the countryside? to envision art spaces as domestic spaces, making each exhibition location a (temporary) home? Is mobility an obligation? Isn’t it high time we developed a renewed spatial imagination? 

The labzone will both be a place to study and practice experiments about the geography of art production, a place to speculate about the spaces for art production.