Anthea Hamilton – Part pool-ch


3-day workshop / 1-3 November

With Anthea Hamilton and Richard Knight

On the face of it mime is:  definitely out-moded, somewhere between a tripped out moment in the 1960s or Golden Age or cinema: it is the discomfort of audience interaction; bad jokes; funny faces; white faces with heavy eyeliner; nice stripes and maybe some flares.

But thinking of mime strictly as a non-verbal visual communication means giving everything over to the eyes, a radical distrust of language and training the body and eye in unison to spot cliches, turn them inside out and use them.  Can it/we over come the bias of language and stereotype?

This is a 3-day workshop that uses the process of mime to think about the complexity and detail of interpersonal communication guided by trained mime tutor Richard Knight.

Richard Knight is a trained mime based in Essex, UK. His performative and teaching practice covers mime, physical comedy, slow motion movement for film and body language training.