Radio creates a weird situation in terms of space and time which was already described in the early days of radio: you can hear it wherever you want to and the guy on the other side talks to you – but he does not know to whom he is speaking. (And to be precise, it is no more him, but only his voice which can be heard, fully separated from his lived, speaking body and transmitted by a technological device.)

The fact that anybody can potentially listen to what you are saying on the radio, already unsettled Guglielmo Marconi. We will investigate this strange relation and focus on the listener.

We will isten – during common listening sessions – together to noise and silence, and forward wireless imagination. This year we will try out very different forms of radio-making; from spontaneous live radio to elaborated, well prepared radio pieces.

As we did until now, the projects are all developed on a common basis by the entire team. We will have to surprise ourselves – there is so much to discover. is a real nomadic art-radio: broadcasting irregularly on the internet with a most simple setting: a laptop with a modem connected to the mobile-phone net. If there is a mobile connection, we can broadcast. The old dream of independent pirate radio (but now on the internet) is coming true. LapTopRadio is an experimental structure exploring the possibilities of radio networking and streaming, which seek to counter or supplement forms of public broadcasting through creating unique forms of collectivity.

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