Perverse Assemblages: Framing the Freakazoid - Queer Publics, Queer Privates 

Join Vaginal Davis (Berlin/Los Angeles) the doyeanne of intermedia arts and sciences and gender/queer icon as she leads you on a rigorous and intense akshunist bootcamp/salon style seminar and labzone.

Yes, yes, and more yes, this intimate exploration of doing-by-doing with the Queen of the Freakazoids involves various activities, film and clip viewings, mini lecturinas, fieldwork, projects, exercises, and quirky discussions. 

The lure and lore of the freak will be harnessed for its outsider power and mined for rich territories of creativity.  Get ready to rock the world of the Freakazoid from musicians Superfreak Rick James, George Clinton, Josephine Baker, Klaus Nomi, Johanna Went, Susan Tyrrell, The Kipper Kids, Diamanda Galas, Wayland Flowers & Madame, Edgar Bergin & Charlie McCarthy, Grace Jones to Trespass Cinema greats like John AesNihil of Aesthetic Nihilism Productions, Brian Lakso & Company, the Piano “Pjorn” King of Ohio, the Goddess Bunny, Reza Abdoh, Vegard Vinge & Ida Müller, and blue cosmic deity Kembra Pfahler and the Girls of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, the godmother of availablism and anti-naturalism.

Isn’t it time you left pasty Uncle Fishhook middle-classism behind and were properly turned out? This is an endurance bout so be prepared to werk it! As you gain first-hand experience with curating, film programming, coordinating specialty eventas, happenings, pageants, and fiestas.  No pre-requisites or performing experience required.  Gain valuable access to Ms. Davis and her thirty-five year international rollerball of comrades and acolytes from the worlds of film, literature, theater, music, art, and science.  Nurture relationships that will fester and foster a lifetime of activities.

Final class projects will include either a series of exhibitions, plus a publication and trip to either Detroit, birthplace of techno and house music scenes, or Hotlanta (Atlanta), the epicenter of the Freakazoid.