By repetition, you start noticing details in the landscape. 

A collective seminar by mmmmm
With Yann Chateigné, Vincent de Roguin, Annie Ianne Serrati 
Guests: Felicia Atkinson, Sarah Davachi, Jessica Kenney and Terry Riley (TBC)
This project-oriented seminar relies on the researches, the network of individuals involved and the ongoing curatorial process of the collaborative, interdisciplinary and multi-faceted proposal entitledBy repetition, you start noticing details in the landscape. Conceived by the recently created Geneva-based organization mmmmm, in conversation with a series of guest artists, musicians and researchers, it aims at immersing its participants in the materials and discussions that fuel an exhibition, a screenings and concert programs that will take place in various locations in Geneva, from December 2019 until January 2020, as well as a publication that will follow later in the year. 
By repetition, you start noticing details in the landscapeis an attempt at translating, in the language of the exhibition, the experience of the music by Terry Riley. Multiplying the curatorial plateaus, both spatial and temporal, the project incorporates both temporal and non-temporal objects within a landscape that connects a large ensemble of art works, archives and films, as well as live performances and public conversations. 
It explores the life and work of the unclassifiable American composer whose influence of generations of musicians and artists make him a major figure of contemporary composition. From his early pieces that contributed to the birth of repetitive music in California in the 1960s to his teachings in Classical Indian music, from his experiments with tapes and modular synthesizers to his later fluid and collaborative improvisations, Riley never ceased transforming his musical approach and, surprisingly, his oeuvre never benefited of a comprehensive study.
The method here, is based on the conceptual and formal motif of the ripples, rooted in an investigation following the traces of Riley and his direct acquaintances (Robert Ashley, Pauline Oliveros, La Monte Young…), revealing, through a large amount of works and archival documents, his numerous collaborations in the fields of dance (Anna Halprin…), visual arts (Charles Ross…) or film (Bruce Conner…). Then, operating through “eccentric” historical circles, the landscape opens to other figures, active in the same period of time, echoing Riley’s work, from John Cage to Channa Horwitz, from Agnes Martin to John McCracken. Going backwards within the exchanges in between Europe and the USA, it shows a process of transformation and migration of ideas (Emma Kunz, Adolf Wölffli…) as well as their actualization through structural concepts such as Repetition, Landscape, and Community, in collaboration with contemporary artists and musicians such as Francis Baudevin, David Horvitz or Felicia Atkinson among several others.
The participants will are invited to a two-folded program: first, a series of short lectures, interviews and visits initiates them to the content and the method of the proposal; then, they are invited to launch their own research, which will be contributing to a collectively curated compilation that will be released in the context of the exhibition, and that can include music compositions, archives, new sound pieces, conversations, readings, soundscapes. 

Picture: Terry Riley. Dream music /Keyboard study #2, published in Aspen Magazine N°9, 1967.