The Arts and Crafts Movement 

In this Labzone I want to explore the notion of crafts and its exclusion / inclusion in the history of modern and contemporary art. We will visit exhibitions (first visit: Bauhaus Imaginista, Paul Klee Zentrum, Bern), read key texts and look at the practice of some historical (Anni Albers, Betty Woodman, Valentine Schlegel, Peter Voulkos eg.) and contemporary artists (Rosemarie Trockel, Margarita Suares Frimkess, Marc Camille Chaimovicz, Sterling Ruby, Mathew Lutz-Kinnoy eg.). An important part of the Labzone will take the form of a workshop at CERCCO, where we will experiment with making ceramics as a collaborative process.


First meeting: visit of Bauhaus Imaginista, Paul Klee Zentrum, Bern, October 9th 2019



Image: Josef Albers, Students in Costume for the Valentine’s Day Ball at Black Mountain College, 1940