This Lab.Zone will focus on the implementation of movement in sculptural work. Movement here is implied in the kinetic sense; producing triggers that make our objects and situations jump, shake, slump, turn, spin, vibrate, turn, flip, crawl, etc. Movement is seen as another material that can add for example character, meaning, humour to our work.

We will look into the meaning and potential of the notion of ‘machine’ – does such a thing necessarily need to generate anything, or if not, what does it imply when a machine doesn't produce anything? Can non-productivity in that sense be productive? If a machine is seen as the extension of a larger system, how can we question our roles as authors of these machines and devices? How can we address such questions through our project and the machines that we will generate ourselves?

The idea is to use this Lab.Zone as the starting point to together learn how to programme such hardware/software as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other simple, potentially more complex robotic and/or mechanical activators to our ideas. This can also be done with existing small moving devices and machines (household appliances, etc.) that we take apart and rebuild.

No prior knowledge is needed on a technical level; I am also a complete beginner to all of this and we will be learning and doing together. Maybe there are some of you that already have some basic or even advanced skills in this direction of working, which is also great.

This Lab.Zone will start on Nov 5th and 6th in 2 sessions: Nov 5th from 10-12:30 and Nov 6th 14:30-17:00.