Vaginal Davis & Olga Rozenblum

Perverse Assemblages: Framing the Freakazoid - Queer Publics, Queer Privates (Second Semester)

The continued lure and lore of the freak will be harnessed for its outsider power and mined for rich territories of creativity. This semester Vaginal Davis’ Labzone is combined with the seminar of Olga Rozenblum and will create an electronovision short format TV series, think Netflix for superNetfreaks, part chat/variété and sculptural installation based on the golden age of daytime/nighttime television of the 1950s to 1970s.

Isn’t it time you left pasty Uncle Fishhook middle-classism behind and were properly turned out? No pre-requisites or experience with any kind of performing required. Gain valuable access to Ms. Davis and her thirty-five year plus international rollerball of comrades and acolytes from the worlds of film, literature, theater, fashion, music, dance, art, politics and science. Nurture relationships that will fester and foster a lifetime of activities.

Last semester’s projects of Art Stalking will be absorbed into this semesters’ work on Film Curating & Programming and creating Super Post Modern Punk Rock Art Bands. Everything will become fodder for the TV Series that for now has the working title of TVC15.

TVC15 is a critical TV show created by the students of the Work.Master, collectively curated with the most Freak producer Vaginal Davis. The production of the TV show will take the form of regular shootings throughout the year. It will confront us with all the different artistic and technical elements that the series’ production entails: from defining the programme and collaborations, following up on a budget, the inventing of imagery and sound, and finally to imagine its distribution... 

To prepare the launch of the show, we could draw inspiration from some precedent done projects and initiatives, some projects by Vaginal of course with for example her Fertile La Toyah Jackson Magazine in the 90's, or her Speaking From the Diaphragm (2010) which was presented at PS122 / Performance Space New York ( and at HAU / Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin (, as well as her projects with the CHEAP Collective ( We'll also get interested in other alternative video collectives like Paper Tiger TV and the Manhattan Cable, or Videofreex (with the intervention of the curator Pascaline Morincôme at the beginning of the year, whose work specifically focuses on Pirate TV practices), and get to explore the camp and freak experience in this field of alternative TV production. 

The programme of the year will be made of several shooting sessions in Geneva and elsewhere. At the end of the production, the independent art space Treize in Paris, could become a place for production or exhibition (or both), this is up to us to decide..