In at the deep end

"The improviser has to realize that the more obvious [they are], the more original [they] appear… No two people are exactly alike, and the more obvious an improviser is, the more [themselves they] appear." - Keith Johnstone

This LabZone is a combined improvisatory writing and acting workshop. 

We will employ practical tricks for encouraging spontaneous creativity and recognize that imagination is as effortless as perception. Through in-class writing and theatre exercises, our goal is to capture the psyche unawares. Using techniques developed by Keith Johnstone to help switch off the negative self-critical mind, we will learn how to unblock the imagination, and welcome the unconscious as our close companion. Together we will use these pragmatic tools to make a collaborative film that will be presented at Live In Your Head gallery.

LabZone Rules:

1) Do not believe anything the grown-ups say!

2) Students will be collaborators. Everyone must listen to everyone - in this LabZone all words are important.

3) The student should accept what their imagination gives them, or else mess up their talent.

4) Look for the obvious and not the clever. The obvious is your true self and the clever is an imitation of someone else.

5) Do not take responsibility for the material that emerges from you. Accept what your imagination gives you.

6) Do not try so hard. Do not do your best. Be average. By doing your best you fill yourself with tension and fear.

Types of Exercises:

- Status Games (i.e. maximum status gap)

- Spontaneity (i.e. automatic writing exercises)

- Narrative Skills (i.e creating characters, live dreaming)

Jump in at the deep end and accept that DISASTER IS UNAVOIDABLE.