Vaginal Davis & Olga Rozenblum

The takes place in the 1ST SEMESTER of school year 2020/2021


Before the lockdown, we were trying to collectively define why and how we were working together :

We aim to:

  • ...bring voices that sound politically and artistically important to us 
  • ...shoot audiovisual material ourselves and share it on a collective platform

> put stuffs together to create a living archive 

  • ...invent a media that is able to broadcast works of the people of the group, of students, artists, theoreticians, as well as archives and documentations of our own pedagogical process
  • …present our cultural and artistic frame which is what Vaginal Davis and her work brings in, and what we retain / what remains in it, of that. 
  • … bring some important matters to us : post-porn production / drag practice / queer existence in the art world /  film readings of texts by “radical” (what does it mean) writers ?

We do :

  • every Friday morning 
  • ...want to be all named in the project 
  • ...would like to discuss each partner that are involved on what we work together 
  • ...not to decide what we do through majority and consensus, but if anything brought in makes somebody uncomfortable, the person should tell it, and don’t have to justify, and the group can accept it
  • .. want nothing locked, and each of us can propose some formats that allow things to work differently

TVC15 is a project that was born in the labzone “Perverse Assemblages: Framing the Freakazoid - Queer Publics, Queer Privates » (2019/2020), where the continued lure and lore of the freak is harnessed for its outsider power and mined for rich territories of creativity, a combinaison of Vaginal Davis’ Labzone with the seminar of Olga Rozenblum.

This semester, the group of students and teachers, joined by some new participants, will finish to shoot in Berlin, edit, and post-produce the show, and will show it in Paris for the first time at Centre Pompidou on December 3rd.

We will then have to work collectively on what should become and what will remain of this experience and form : what are the broadcast and diffusion networks ? Is it a single video-zine or the beginning of a serie ? Is it made for exhibitions or screenings only, or for internet ?

RDV le 3 décembre à Paris !