LAPTOPRADIO is a real nomadic art-radio: broadcasting irregularly on the internet with a most simple setting: a laptop with a modem connected to the mobile-phone net. If there is a mobile connection, we can broadcast. The old dream of independent pirate radio (but now on the internet) is coming true. LapTopRadio is an experimental structure exploring the possibilities of radio networking and streaming, which seek to counter or supplement forms of public broadcasting through creating unique forms of collectivity.

At the same time we want to question and understand the parameters of radio's historical, medial and aesthetical status, the notion of place, corporeality, social exchange, and the politics of information. What are the ideas behind concepts from modernist "Wireless Imagination" to "Radical Radio"?

This group wants to refer to radio's ability to connect its users (both, listeners and practitioners) to a space of consciousness and intellect - its ability to capture and remediate those modes of thought and structures of knowledge. We want to explore this territory of  collective potential and collaborative reflective thought and also to detect the possibilities of non pre-recorded sound-material. Think about radio as a experimental communications space in the widest possible sense.

A certain number of projects is already planned, like e.g. one in the region between the Ticino and Lombardy or a project by Manuel Ciraqui in collaboration with Pierre Leguillon. As we did until now, the projects are developed on a common basis by the entire team. We will have to surprise ourselves – there is so much to discover. est un projet radio sur internet, un laboratoire qui explore les possibilités du streaming audio à partir d'un laptop connecté par le réseau natel. Cette web-radio nomade est un espace de travail transversal d’expérimentation sonore. Elle interrogera  et développera des situations hybrides des domaines connexes à l’art contemporain, tout en partageant ses ressources avec les autres internautes, créant une dynamique collective et un lieux du savoir commun. Le réseau permet de quitter la chaine de diffusion classique de la radio à des modèles de communication. Il s’agit d’envisager et de tester la radio comme dispositif transmetteur et transformateur de flux, point de passage et d’articulation entre un contexte d’usage et un réseau de communication à multiples entrées et – pourquoi pas – à multiples sorties: un système de circulation de flux.

Meetings +/- every second week with: Listening sessions, meetings with radio-/sound artists, discussions on radio-art/sound-art issues, readings, but also very practical work (because we are working as a collective, no special technical knowledge is needed; we will share our skills and knowledge.)

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